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Exhibitions Mo | 05. Apr 2021 | 17:00


A multimedia exhibition with the photograph and activist Alea Horst


Alea´s photos show human tragedies in a dignified and very honest way. “Those are not my own children, that I see here – but imagine they were!”


In the massive hall of Malzfabrik Alea´s actions become comprehensible. A recreated refugee camp, the sounds and the personal stories of refugees become a moving experience. We dive into the camp at oversized beamer-projections and stand in the middle of the “graveyard of the life jackets”.

Aleas pictures are emotional, colorful and aesthetic. They give an insight into poverty, war and displacement and show at the same time the zest for life, hope and physical and psychological resistance at the European border. More than 100 pictures from altogether 8 countries of four continents are displayed in various formats. Between poverty, destruction, escape, displacement, plastic trash, colonialism, children work and climate change the human beings and their dignity are the focus. Alea Horst is photographer and a helper in adversity. She doesn’t only make pictures but lends a helping hand.


“The people are scared to be forgotten! Is Lesbos their final destination?”


November 16th 202 at 6 pm with district major Angelika Schöttler / Alea Horst.


April 5th 2021


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3 tours a´ 50 minutes
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Entrance free
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Entrance only with mask and under the recent Covid-19 rules


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Malzfabrik I Bessemerstraße 2-14 I 12103 Berlin


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Please note
The complete exhibition is done by volunteers.
Everything is cost free and real “underground”
We are sorry for not being able to provide a barrier free entrance
Of course with a hygiene concept a´la AHA-L


Attention! Please have a look at the website prior to your visit to see all important information for the admittance.


An exhibition by IPGarten, Alea Horst and Malzfabrik