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Get on track – my strengths, my future
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Get on track – my strengths, my future

With the project “get on track – my strengths, my future” the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) advocates for the discovery of strengths and interests of pupils. By now this project is a fixture of Malzfabrik. Each year new impulses are set and implemented in the country wide gender-specific offer to deal with each personal education- and life choices. With it´s positive mind set “Get on track” offers an impactful contribution to gain a healthy self-confidence and develop realistic professional perspectives.


“Get on track – my strengths, my future” ("komm auf tour – meine Stärken, meine Zukunft") is implemented in Berlin by the senate department for Work, Integration and Women, the senate department for education, youth and science, the regional director Berlin –Brandenburg of the Federal Employment Office, the three Employment Offices within the state of Berlin and the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) together with regional activists.


Central element of the project are the adventure obstacle courses with modules and offers for different life situations, school forma and age groups. An additionally important guideline is the strength system, which gives in a playful way an impulse to look t your own strengths and interests.

The school events and parent evenings at the adventure obstacle course are free of charge.


Contact partner for questions is:
Katharina Brejora – k.brejora@spiconsult.de

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An event by BZgA and Sinus – Büro für Kommunikation GmbH