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Exhibitions 20. Nov - 29. Nov 2014
Exhibitions Th | 24. Sep 2009 | 10:00
Foodsharing Festival 2017
Specials 18. Aug - 20. Aug 2017

Foodsharing Festival 2017

For the second time, the Foodsharing Festival will bring together a huge number of visitors for a weekend full of workshops, lectures, discussions and much more on the Malzfabrik site.

The focus of the festival is to crack down on food wasting. This subject will be conveyed through lots of energy, fun and engagement and will allow new synergies to be created and inspire many people to become food savers themselves.

The Participation of the festival from 18th until 20th of August is completely free of cost. Meals from saved food are included.

You can find information about the programme and workshops here: www.foodsharing-festival.org


An event by Foodsharing e.V.