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Satellite Talks and Visions

May 17th, 6 pm Satellite Talks and Visions


Planetarium am Insulaner

Munsterdamm 90

12169 Berlin



Talks and Visions brings the artists Katherina von Dolffs, Klara Hobza, Jeronimo Voss and the artists collective Cooltūristės together under the starry dome of the Planetarium am Insulaner to explore artistic imaginations of the cosmos as well as social and aesthetic visions of past, present and future universes – without commiting to a specific center of gravity.


Starting point is Eternity Through the Stars (2012) by Jeronimo Voss for documenta13, a full-dome production linking historical and astronomical revolutions, next is the queer approach to the "cosmic" Cold War fantasies (Cooltūristės, Space Kindergarden), the depth research of fluid (terrestrial) systems (Klara Hobza, Diving Through Europe) as well as hybrid life forms of distant constellations (Katherina von Dolffs, Grillion) linked to feminist perspectives on astronomy. Moderated by the author, editor and interface expert between art and technology Elvia Wilk , the discussion ends with a poetic and cosmic travel through space (Fulldome Special).


Admission: 8/6 Euro.


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