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dissident desire Chapter 0: Introducing Daydreams of Precarious Bodies

29 June – 18 September 2013


29th August 2013
, from 7 pm

Missy Magazine // Warp and Woof
 // Snack Hatoba


On the occasion of the fifth activation of the dissident desire archive on 29th August, the exhibition project Warp and Woof and Missy Magazine will team up for an evening of dissident desires with lectures, performance and screening followed by a party.


The exhibition Warp and Woof – it’s a matter of storytelling links the works of five female artists (Lerato Ahadi, Dieuwke Boersma, Adi Liraz, Natalia Irina Roman and Moran Sanderovich) dealing with the relation between body politics and narratives. Stemming from an engagement with normative as much as invisible textures, patterns and orders in various settings of the everyday, they have developed installations, performances and videos, which propose alternative narratives, unlocking spaces of radical intimacy and deflection. At the exhibition opening Moran Sanderovich will perform Insight Skin, which imagines a fluid, unbounded body as a basis for the subversion of desire and the emergence of new mythologies.


Missy Magazine’s contribution to dissident desire is characterised by its new issue dedicated to the subject of »failure«. Missy writer Katrin Gottschalk will talk about her research on the almost forgotten women’s movement in the GDR and their archives, which are on the verge of disappearing.


Missy’s co-editor Sonja Eismann for her part has delved into the archives of the 5-year old magazine for a sound & video lecture in which she uses exemplary music clips to contextualise (pop)feminist contemporary historiography. In addition we will present—for the first time in Berlin—We won't eat your hate like love (A/D 2013, 18 Min.), a film by Juliana Lindenhofer, Veronika Mayer, Nina Prader and Isabel Rodriguez that challenges persistent structures of dominance in the field of electronic music through experiences of female DJs and VJs.


To round off the evening, Danish DJ That Fucking Sara, who has lived in Berlin since 2005, will play her bouncing mix of HipHop, Disco, Old School Electro, Soul, Funk, Grime and Italo Tunes.


The 5th dissident desire activation will be again in sparkling complicity with SNACK HATOBA, a social performance project by Are You Meaning Company (Ayumi Minemura) and Ayaka Okutsu. It is a Japanese 60s style Snack Bar where all losers can gather and talk about their problems, hopes, and dreams... 'Mama' of the snack would listen, and heal your time of sorrow.



7 pm

Exhibition Opening Warp and Woof – it’s a matter of storytelling with DieuwkeBoersma, AdiLiraz, Natalia Irina Roman, Moran Sanderovich and LeratoShadi


8 pm

Opening Performance Insight Skin by Moran Sanderovich


9 pm

Lecture Extremlaut und unglaublich vergessen – Frauenbewegungen in der DDR by Katrin Gottschalk


9.30 pm

Sound & Video Lecture Clipped Pop Feminist Archives by Sonja Eismann


7 – 10 pm

Film Screening We won't eat your hate like love (A/D 2013, 18 Min.) by Juliana Lindenhofer, Veronika Mayer, Nina Prader and Isabel Rodriguez


from 10 pm

Party with DJ Set by That Fucking Sara

dissident desire is a project by Susanne Husse and Lorenzo Sandoval. More information here: www.district-berlin.com.