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Who am I
Photo/Filmshoot Tu | 14. May 2013
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Who am I

In May 2013 director Kirim Schiller shot the first music video for the singer-songwriter Rasmus Schumacher from Cologne. Schumacher has been a traveling street musician around Europe for almost 15 years and makes his living with his music.


A part of the music clip was filmed in the Fight Club together with cinematographer Florian Wolff, singer Rasmus Schumacher and his small band. The project "Who am I?" was realised on one day of shooting. The whole team was impressed by the location and very satisfied with the results. "With very little light we were able to turn a very special place into a unique setting. The acoustics and atmosphere of the underground Fight Club were particularly inspiring" said cinematographer Florian Wolff.


Here's the Video>>.