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Dissident Desire
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Dissident Desire


dissident desire
Chapter 0: Introducing Daydreams of Precarious Bodies

29 June – 18 September 2013
Opening: 29 June, 8 pm


On 29 June, the project dissident desire opens with the dissident desire archive and its first activation by María Ptqk and Nicolas Malevé (GenderArtNet). Chapter 0: Introducing Daydreams of Precarious Bodies marks the first part of the artistic research project on the biopolitical and performative status of the contemporary body. The project unfolds in various chapters between June and December 2013 in the form of collaborative productions in urban working environments with Alicia Frankovich, Reinigungsgesellschaft and Miryana Todorova, the performative archive as "critical toolbox", an exhibition, and a publication. In the context of Chapter 0: Introducing Daydreams of Precarious Bodies, the growing archive at District Kabinett will be extended through thematic activations, or "reading parcours" by

29 June, 8 pm: GenderArtNet*,
30 July, 8 pm: Archive Books*,
8 August, 8 pm: f f artist collective and
29 August, 8 pm: Missy Magazine.


*Occasions in English language
Opening hours: Tuesday through Thursday, 2 - 6 pm and by appointment. Break 4 and 5 July 2013.

dissident desire is a project by Susanne Husse and Lorenzo Sandoval. More information about the project, the contents of the archive and the open call can be found on www.district-berlin.com.


An event by District Kunst- und Kulturförderung