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Drop in and let the Malzfabrik enchant you.

Exhibitions 20. Nov - 29. Nov 2014
Exhibitions Th | 24. Sep 2009 | 10:00
Specials 29. Nov - 01. Dec 2019


The ogalala YOUNG THEATRE KREUZBERG is residing in Malzfabrik again and invites to their unique piece “HUNGER”. The project by bazaar europa – young theatre across borders, looks closely at the subject climate change combined with a vision, the rise of greed and the resulting obfuscations.


A piece of the hour!


Greta, Carola, Chiara.
Guys get ready!
The ladies are unstoppable. The time is ripe for big ideas – and courageous women that will implement those ideas. The time is ready for someone like Chiara Bonair, who knows how the game is played and has the guts to storm the last bastion of men: unbridled fraud.


Everybody understands the signs of the times: the former car salesperson as much as the single mother that owns a beauty salon, the ambitious blogger, the sophisticated gallerist and even the overworked delivery driver: conscious consummation and refrain are the trend, less is more. When the visionary businesswoman Chiara Bonair enters their life and with her the prospect of a unique investment chance, it is clear to them: save the world and make money on the way. Who could say no to that?


An irresistible hoax around human greed and the gratification of self-deception. With live music.


29.11. I 30.11. I 01.12.2019 I at 7 pm
Malzfabrik I Speicher

Discount 7 Euro, regular 10 Euro
Reservation under: theater@ogalala.de


More information under: www.bazaareuropa.de


Text & direction: Christine Dissmann I Choreografie: Kathinka Sonneborn I Music & Composition: Paul Lesch und Emilie Mikolajczyk I Artists: Lucie Münichová, Fritz Surmann, Sonja Wellnitz, Matthias Cano Urbanke, Thieu Ha Minh, Bircan Aydincioglu, Josephine Pavlak, Tamara Weber, Amin Mardanpour, Aaron Langguth