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Exhibitions 20. Nov - 29. Nov 2014
Exhibitions Th | 24. Sep 2009 | 10:00
Class languages
Exhibitions 20. Jul - 17. Sep 2017

Class languages

“The sign is the arena of C.”


In dictionary entries, their initials represent terms after their first mention. Class, class struggle, class contradiction, as well as crisis, catastrophe, and colonialism turn into C. Our C. stands for Class Languages. Given the inextricable crisis of legitimacy of global capitalism and the rise of right-wing populisms, we witness a return to the repressed relation of Class – a return that is enacted in many tongues.


With CLASS LANGUAGES, District want to bring together a panorama of these filters – an assembly of forms of possible ‘ways out’, as Gilles Deleuze und Félix Guattari phrased it with Franz Kafka: “A line of escape, and not freedom. A vital escape and not an attack.” We want to take the increasingly differentiated language practices of contemporary art – in Berlin and beyond – as a starting point and search for class languages that delineate ‘ways out’, where attacks all too often defer to the syntax of what is attacked.


With the three threads of the project—exhibition, magazine, and debate – District seek to examine how the assertion of CLASS LANGUAGES can be made productive in the context of contemporary art: how can the goals and desires of authors and addressees be shared, how can professionalized forms of writing about art be reconfigured, how can an assembly of escape figurations bring forth provisory forms of living? We want to examine the classes that speak from within us—nostalgic, contemporary, and future ones, exclusive or inclusive ones—and which lines of flight they indicate.


Artists and authors
Kai Althoff/Isa Genzken, Gerry Bibby, Cana Bilir-Meier, Sean Bonney, Hans-Christian Dany, Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu, Michaela Eichwald, Frank Engster, Fehras Publishing Practices, keyon gaskin, Sarah Harrison, Ann Hirsch, HATE MAGAZIN, Karl Holmqvist, Stephan Janitzky, Jutta Koether, Justin Lieberman, Hanne Lippard, Thomas Locher, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Karolin Meunier, Rachel O’Reilly, Phase 2, Johannes Paul Raether, Monika Rinck, Aykan Safoğlu, Juliana Spahr, spot the silence, Starship, Josef Strau, Marlene Streeruwitz, Hans Stützer, Linda Stupart, Ryan Trecartin, Peter Wächtler, Ian White, Tanja Widmann, Frank B. Wilderson III, Susanne Winterling, Alenka Zupančič and others.



20th of July, 7 pm | Exhibition Opening

21st and 22nd of July | Debate: Lectures, Discussions, and Presentations

The opening weekend will be accompanied by a program of artistic and theoretical contributions that will chart the contested terrain of class languages and put up for debate its potentialities and problems.


16th of September | Magazine launch, Debate, Party


Opening hours of the exhibition
21st of July - 17th of September 2017, Wednesday - Sunday, 2 pm - 6 pm


CLASS LANGUAGES is a long-term collaboration initiated by Manuela Ammer, Eva Birkenstock, Jenny Nachtigall, Kerstin Stakemeier, and Stephanie Weber.


For further information click here>> take a look at the District Website.


A project by District Berlin, funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.