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The Big Bake-off Celebrity-Special
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The Big Bake-off Celebrity-Special

Celebrities that can bake, that's something from fairy tales, isn´t it? Selected celebrities show their skills on “The Big Bake-off - Celebrity special” on Wednesday, April 12th at SAT.1 TV.


The round one has to go intot he square one is the leading motive for both sportsmen David odokor and lars Riedel, except that the soccer field transfers into an oven. At the Celebrity special of “The Big Back-off” former soccer players and five times World Cup winners show their skills at the oven.


Their competition is Janine Kunze, Sila Şahin, Melanie Müller, Manon Straché, Ralph Morgenstern and Felix von Jascheroff. They have to get through twelve tests in the four week long battle for the title “Germany´s best hobby baker”. The four episode long show is narrated by the moderator Enie van de Meiklokjes.


They have to convince the jury members Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt and Christian Hümbs.

The winner will receive the Golden Cupcake and 10.000 Euro price money for a good cause.

The duel took place at the Machine Hall in the Tile House. You cannot miss the black and white tiles on the floor. Have a look at the show, or two or three.


More information about the show here>>.


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