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Drop in and let the Malzfabrik enchant you.

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WEINBECKEN – blick hinein samtschwarz
Specials 18. Aug - 27. Aug 2016

WEINBECKEN – blick hinein samtschwarz

After "Die die Wasser vergiften" follows the second staging by Theater shortvivant in the Malzfabrik with a tragicomedy by T. van Stiv and supporting music elements.


WEINBECKEN is supported by the “LOTTO-STiftung Berlin”


World Premiere

18th August 2016 I 8.00 pm



19.08. I 20.08. I 24.08. I 25.08. I 26.08. und 27. August 2016

always 8.00 pm


The play is about four rich men, including the leader Cremant, who break into the villa of a winery and imprison Tambour. He manages to get close to Sansherbe to free himself. She was a victim of a strange robbery and delivers goods to the property, allegedly because wasps have destroyed everything so that no more wine can grow and flow. She meets the owner Beauvin and believes she knows the leader. A perfidious game takes its course, everybody tries to to outwit everyone else.
But everything has long been arranged...

Director: Ralf Blank
Actors: Norman Nowotko, Lukas Brandl, Giamo Alfredi Röwekamp, Olaf Meier Rebecca Biel, Christian Pawel Kwiatkowski and others

Ticket sales: 030 897 299 55
Admission: 10,00 Euro

Doors open: 7.00 pm
Meeting point: Alte Mälzerei


Please note
The performance starts at 8 pm, admission at 7.00 pm. Groups will be accompanied by staff to the theater location before and after the performance. This is for your own safety. The entrance is not wheelchair accessible (stairs). Entering and leaving the theater location unaccompanied is unfortunately prohibited and at your own risk.


It is recommended to wear sturdy shoes and clothes that can get a bit dusty. The performance lasts about 90 minutes without intermission.


Please refer to further instructions at www.theatershortvivant.de!


An event by Theater shortvivant