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Dissident Desire
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Dissident Desire

OPEN CALL - Chapter 0: Introducing daydreams of precarious bodies.
for contributions to the dissident desire archive


How does one introduce desire into thought, into discourse, into action? How can and must desire deploy its forces within the political domain and grow more intense in the process of overturning the established order? Ars erotica, ars theoretica, ars politica. (Michel Foucault, Introduction: Arts of Living, from Anti-Oedipus)


dissident desire takes its departure point from the exploration of the performative and bio-political status of the contemporary body. The ongoing project unfolds in its initial chapters at District Kunst- und Kulturförderung Berlin and in its urban surroundings from June to December 2013. dissident desire materializes in an archive, public programs, collaborative cultural projects, an exhibition and a publication.


In search of proactive propositions, we are to assemble a “critical toolbox”, the dissident desire archive, to investigate the ongoing creation of precariousness through economic, political and social infrastructures and explore the desires and manifestations of alternative social and political bodies. Designed as an ongoing archive, work space and program series, dissident desire. Chapter 0: Introducing daydreams of precarious bodies will transform the art institutional infrastructure of District into a space for decentralized knowledge production, for infiltration and contagion, for risk and critique.

The contents of the archive are collected by the project participants in conversation with GenderArtNet, expanded by the open call for related materials from the fields of art, activism, feminism, gender studies, post-colonialism, cultural studies, sociology, philosophy a.o. 
and completed by the ongoing invitation to audiences and contributors to activate the archive through a series of presentations, discussions, screenings and performances.


Proposals in the form of project audiovisual materials, documentations, texts and publications are welcome via email to office@district-berlin.com or post to District Kunst und Kulturförderung until Saturday, June 22nd, 2013.


For further information please see www.district-berlin.com.

dissident desire is a project by Susanne Husse and Lorenzo Sandoval.