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Exhibitions 20. Nov - 29. Nov 2014
Exhibitions Th | 24. Sep 2009 | 10:00
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Next  Pre-Opening
Party Th | 23. Feb 2012 | 19:00
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Next Pre-Opening

The new renting space, which is part of the Malzfabrik since the end of 2011, is open for visitors and interested people up from the end of February. On the 23rd of February the opening of Next is going to be celebrated with an open house. In this evening potential renters, creatives and curious people can get an impression of the new building, the ambience and the neighbour Malzfabrik at an easy Get-Together including Bands and an exhibition.


Everybody is welcome to visit the opening of the grey cube at 7 pm in the Bessemerstraße 16. Two great live concerts of two fantastic bands await you: „The Mighty Oaks“ - music for dreamers and „vonLewald“ - music for dancers. Furthermore you can take a look at a range of pictures of the two top photographers Lisa Wassmann and Janina Wick in the office area. Be there!

Date: 23.2.2012

Place: Next, Bessemerstr. 16, 2. OG

Start: 7 pm


Free entry!

Live Concert

* The Mighty Oaks

* vonLewald



* Lisa Wassmann

* Janina Wick

For more information to Next go to: www.next-malzfabrik.de or send an e-mail to: next@malzfabrik.de