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Kult Zürich Ausser Sihl - a melting pot
Exhibitions 31. Jul - 09. Sep 2011
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Kult Zürich Ausser Sihl - a melting pot

The association "Kult Zürich Ausser Sihl" presents from July 31st to September 9th 2011, a series of events about Zürich ´s city district 4, called "Kult Zürich Ausser Sihl - a melting pot."


Ausser Sihl - once a place where the city outsourced unpleasant things. But which is now in transition and is discovered more and more by students, artists and young professionals.
Nowadays, the so-called "shards quarter" has more to offer than merely its red light aspect.

The exhibition shows within three main strands titled "history, creativity and miscellaneous", issues and people involved who are either born or grew up in the neighborhood, lived, worked or passed by it. The neighborhood is illuminated with over 150 different works of art representing its historical and creative potential. Exhibition curator Silvio R. Baviera, who also worked as a writer, artist, publisher, gallery and museum maker, is available for questions and tours.


Sunday 31st July 2011 4 pm - 12 pm



Silvio R. Baviera, Guido Magnaguagno


Duration of the exhibition
31st July to 9th September 2011


Guided tours

06.08. I 13.08. I 20.08. I 27.08. I 03.09.

Registration at cb@malzfabrik.de

5 € per person

For more information about the association and Silvio R. Baviera here>>