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Exhibitions 20. Nov - 29. Nov 2014
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Evelin Höhne vs. Andy Warhol
Photo/Filmshoot Tu | 19. Apr 2011

Evelin Höhne vs. Andy Warhol

For the new format „Head oft he week“ for the ZDF-cultchannel, Pop Art artist Evelin Höhe visited us for the second time.


The TV-Format „Head oft he week“ presents contemporary artists who create a figure of worldhistory or cultural history, painting, drawing, sculpturing or making an installation of it. The „heads“ vary from Klaus Kinski to Barbie or Dracula.

Evelins „head“ was Pop Art icon Andy Warhol. Her work „Think rich, look poor“, shows a a striking Warhol painted with loud colors and a little spark of sadness.

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