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Lost places: Schultheiss factory
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Lost places: Schultheiss factory

On two Saturdays per month Tunneltours offer guided tours. Join us on a discovery through many parts of the long history up to the modern use of the Malzfabrik. The main focus will be on the history of the building and on the process of malting, based on original inventory that still exists.


Next dates: 

2018: 24.02. I 10.03. I 24.03. I 07.04. I 21.04. I 05.05. I 19.05. I 16.06. I 30.06. I 14.07. I 28.07. I 11.08. I 25.08. I 08.09. I 22.09. I 06.10. I 20.10. I 03.11. I 17.11. I 01.12. I 15.12.


Everybody is welcome to join us!


Meeting point: 12.45 h, in front of the lodge
Parkings: first hour for free available on the area of the Malzfabrik
Costs: 10.00 Euro per person | No reduced tickets
Language: for the moment only in German
Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Group size: from 25 people I max.30 people


Tickets are available at:

Reservix Ticketshop here>>

or contact the 24h-Tickethotline on 01806 700 733


We look forward to your visit!

More information:

www.malzreise.de or

send an e-mail to malzreise@malzfabrik.de


*children have to be accompanied by an adult
*Please remember to bring sturdy shoes and
comfortable clothes, which can get dirty
*group tours and gift coupons: with pleasure on request


An event organized by bv2go UG