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Specials 24. Jul - 26. Jul 2020


A unique festival is happening on 24th till 26th July 2019 for the third time at Malzfabrik: xplore – the festival on the art of lust


This festival creates room and the conditions to have some unusual experiences and invites you to a very special program with this years concept "Liberté, Egalité, Sexualité".


The initiator Felix Ruckert is a well known choreographer and inspiring concept artist, who wants to create a point of intersection between art and sexuality. In the form of more than 60 workshops, seminars, sessions, lectures every participant can dive into a world of blurred borders and gather blockade breaking, freeing experiences. On three days creative sexuality, BDSM, performance and ritual are in the focus.


What xplore is about
Unusual people present themselves, playing with, working with and researching the phenomenon sexuality. People that have developed astonishing technics and rituals on their way. Some are od therapeutic nature, others come from aesthetic views, others are spiritual searches or looking for border experiences. Most of them look for pure enjoyment. They have in common playfulness, communication, creativity and a broadening of the traditional relationship between couples. They represent a different sexual culture. They are art with body and soul.


Moderators from all over the world will welcome you, make short workshops and give you insight in their special areas.


The festival wants to give advice, ideas and inspiration and support an intelligent, open minded and playful dealing with sexuality. Most of all xplore wants to bring together all those that think and love, share and learn in unconventional ways.


The program is here>>. Tickets are here>>.


More information at: www.xplore-berlin.de


An event by Compagnie Felix Ruckert Berlin e.V.


Copyright: Peter Hönnemann