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Malzfabrik News Overview

Berlin is alive, Malzfabrik is alive!
Tuesday | 23. February 2021

Berlin is alive, Malzfabrik is alive!

In December some students of the Beuth graduate school of technics Berlin in the modules media design and video technics met at the Alte Mälzerei for their study project. For a few days they filmed in those industrial spaces.


Special effects like fire, smoke and light were used and show the halls in their versatility. For exhibitions, music videos, shootings, films and more are the motive locations available. In this nice study project many possibilities of their usage are collected in a wonderful way.


Have a look at it here>> .


Additionally, there is a “Making of” film which gives some insight into the background of the story. Here>> it is.


We thank the students for their great work!