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Already painted?
Monday | 03. January 2011
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Already painted?

Mohr Models is an integral part at our area since a pretty long time. Their rental space was rebuilt and added with the newest technologies last year. Also the automated painting plant from LUTRO that is exceedingly efficiently in the consumption of energy.


Because of the location and the philosophy of Malzfabrik it was logic to choose a technology that is environmentally friendly and that needs a low level of energy and at the same time saves costs.

Not only the division oft he room gives a high flexibility fort he painting of the pieces, also the low consumption of the gas surface burners and the heat recovery guarantee a high level of quality. Atelier Mohr repares and renovates up to 8000 mannequins. This number charges an optimization of the work procedures. The painting oft he mannequins is the finalization at the (re)manufacturing of them.