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Hallöchen Popöchen
Tuesday | 13. June 2017
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Hallöchen Popöchen

Since last summer, our leisure pool enjoys great popularity. Whether a short foray by our tenants in their lunch break or to start the evening with a plunge into the water, it is a true cooling down.


For those who need some time to adapt to the water, it is possible to enter from the beach step by step. But even here, you’ll have to be careful, especially kids and non-swimmers, because the descent down to four meters of depth is rapid. Please use water wings or swimming rings.

For those who seek immediate cooling, there is a springboard which is marked with the appeal “Hallöchen Popöchen” and shows the exclusive spot for diving. The water under the close bridges and entries is not deep enough to jump into and could cause injuries by doing so.

We wish all our bathing guests a wonderful and above all a safe break at the leisure pool.