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The buzzing meadow!
Wednesday | 15. February 2017

The buzzing meadow!

Our summer festival Malzwiese buzzes in 2017! After the meadow “...lives, grows, blooms, calls, cheers” and most recently "splashes", it will be “buzzing” this year. On June 3 the whole area will be turned into a park of exploration.


In addition to a bazaar with fashion, design and DIY, there is a play haven for the little ones, workshops, exhibits, guided tours, a gourmet corner, two stages with a great variety of bands from singer-songwriters, pop, indie, electro and many more genres, as well as many other offerings to round off the summer day. The focus is on sustainability under the aspect of bees, honey and the responsible relationship with the buzzing neighbors and their delicious spread. There will be plenty to learn, participate, inspire, and enjoy.


Rejoice with us on a sunny day with a wonderfully colorful program and let us dance together, have fun, laugh and buzz around.


Details to be revealed soon on the festival web site at: www.malzwiese.de