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A serving of indie pop
Monday | 18. May 2015

A serving of indie pop

To Malzwiese we welcome at Malzfabrik again the Australian artist Kat Vinter. Last year, the pop singer already paid us a visit and was photographed in the Alte Mälzerei for their EP.

Kat Vinter, whose hometown is currently Berlin, making on 6 June the glorious prelude to the meadow stage and will make pop sounds with her ​​unique voice. She found her perfect musical companions in Hannes Büscher and the Norwegian author Laila Samuels and the project Kat Vinter finally emerged from the icy cold Berlin winter in 2012.


The debut EP "Islands" was released this April. Her unique warm voice will bring cheers to the stage. It will be a pleasure!

Here>> is more about Kat Vinter.