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The meadow is changing
Wednesday | 16. July 2014
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The meadow is changing

We have quite a bit in store for the summer! Not only are the two retention ponds being built, but also the last construction on the next door building Next is underway.


The façade of the basement is getting insulated and the foundation for the terraces to the meadow laid out. With that, we are one step closer to completing some special spaces in the Next and look forward to welcoming new tenants soon.


The foundation for the ramp is built at the same time, and thus the passage between office complex and meadow is becoming reality. Tenants of the Next will be able to drive onto the meadow parking lot by the end of the year.


In order for the meadow to remain a meeting place on our grounds, we continue to pretty it up. We planted a magnolia in the center of the meadow where it will beautify the season next spring. The magnolia can be best seen from our new barbecue platform. Some concrete slabs had to be moved in the course of construction from the rear of the meadow, so instead of throwing them away, they were stacked to form a seating area which perfectly serves as a grill station. Look closely and you will recognize our initials MF.


We are excited about what this summer will bring. There are a lot of developments around here!