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In touch with the factory
Monday | 28. October 2013
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In touch with the factory

In their first week of expeditions with the Lehrwerkstatt Malzkabinett the team has gone up close with the old factory building. In the maze of soaking tubs, Darrhorden and refrigerator rooms we encountered endless items and spaces.



Luckily we had a few experts on our side who supported us on our journey of discovery. Without the wonderful building tour by Kristina Petrov (Malzreise) and the valuable information from Louise Bohley (Stadtentwicklungsamt; Untere Denkmalschutzbehörde) we would have needed forever to understand the landmarked Alte Mälzerei.


But the most beautiful expeditions through the building were just spent browsing the factory wherever curiousity took us. Equipped with LED lights and inventory cards we selected interesting objects for our archive. Sometimes we totally forgot about the time and came back hungry to the Lehrwerkstatt. After some warm soup we went right back into the factory. The found objects would eventually be photographed and cataloged in the archive.


Fortunately we quickly developed an archive structure with the helpful comments of studied archivist Sabrina Klewitz.


For more info: www.facebook.com/Malzkabinett.



Those who want to get to know or join us can get in touch at malzkabinett@gmx.de .

The expedition I 01.10.2013 - 30.03.2014
max. 20 participants between 15 - 24 years of age



The Lehrwerkstatt is funded by the European Social Fund