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Malzfabrik News Overview

Creative location meets youth work
Wednesday | 28. August 2013

Creative location meets youth work

Sponsored by Kulturpflaster e.V. the Lehrwerkstatt Malzkabinett will be built from September on the premises of the Malzfabrik - an extraordinary and creative model project for professional orientation and preparation for young people. Thanks to funding from the European Social Fund, the project will be implemented from September 2013, with the opening of the Malzkabinett scheduled for spring 2015.



Together with experts from the fields of museology, conservation, crafts, exhibition design and culture management, the young participants will plan and implement an interactive museum installation for the industrial monument. The so-called Malzkabinett will grow slowly as a gathering place for abandoned malting utensils, furniture, historic photos, models, and curiosities of the Malzfabrik and not only tell stories of the former Schultheiss maltsters, but also depict the nature of the intermediate and current use.


In addition to the practical work on the Malzkabinett, the training workshop for young people organizes tours in cultural institutions, workshops and design offices. They can discuss with experts and learn more about the daily work in the culture sector. The creative and cultural location Malzfabrik is particularly beneficial to this endeavor. As a partner it allows the training workshop and its participants direct exchange with the companies on the premises who mostly work in the creative industries.


Contact the project at malzkabinett@gmx.de.


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