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++ Schwiiiiztag #5 ++
Friday | 02. August 2013

++ Schwiiiiztag #5 ++

We kicked off our 5th Schwiiiiztag with the traditional Apéro just like we do every year on 31 July with plenty of Swiss feeling.

Some guests went straight on a discovery trip with our historic Malzreise.All art lovers joined the  tour of the current exhibitions by District Kunst- und Kulturförderung. However, if you just chose to sit on our pallet-furniture sipping Apéro, you could prove your expertise at the Swiss-Quiz. A feast of many variations of the Swiss cuisine was set up at the Bergstübli by our new tenants Foodpol. From delicious mountain cheese burgers and sausage salad up to Röschticrumble there was something for everyone. Under the courtyard roof there was also Crêpes und Galettes for the small appetite. The HeartBeaters started a drum roll to celebrate the day and ensured a rhythmic mood for its conclusion.

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Many thanks to Mesami GmbH, Foodpol, HeartBeaters, Crêpes et Galettes, District Berlin, our photographer Nils Krüger and of course to all Meitlis and Buebs who stopped by!