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A feast for eyes and palate
Monday | 15. July 2013
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A feast for eyes and palate

It´s all in the name of our new Next tenant!


Just the thought of the agency Foodpol makes your mouth water. Because the focus of the agency is pure pleasure with food of the highest quality, carefully selected and prepared with fresh and sustainable ingredients. Foodpol combines traditional production techniques with modern and creative methods, not only creating delicious flavors, but also aesthetically pleasing dishes. A feast for the eyes as well. For an excellent and all-senses event catering, this agency is your contact.


The list of the customer base and recent events by Foodpol is long. Including labels such as Boss Orange, Louis Vuitton, Bacardi, Diesel Jeans, L'Oreal, Joop, Michael Michalsky, Nike or events such as the Echo aftershow party, MTV Awards, DMY - Design Festival, Berlinale Berlin and many more!


We look forward to the scents that will emerge from the Next and extend a cordial welcome to Foodpol in their new space!