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Gone with the wind or what?
Wednesday | 12. December 2012
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Gone with the wind or what?

They are not on vacation but are treated to a complete make-over. The two knight-helmets that were taken down a few weeks ago are being renovated by the Partenheimer workshop in Wittstock. The managing director of Partenheimer - Mr. Lehms – gave us a tour of the company and patiently explained the individual steps of the restoration to us and the camera.


The status quo: Both kilns have been completely sandblasted to remove the rust.


That procedure, however, revealed more rust. One kiln has been partially disassembled - defective parts were welded and repaired or completely re-made. The ball bearings of the kilns were also processed and must be replaced. In the next step, the individual parts will be coated and painted. The colour has already been coordinated with the Berlin Monument Authority. In spring of 2013, the film crew "Kiln Restoration" will visit Partenheimer for a second time to accurately document these next steps. We will keep you updated!