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Bötzow Brewery - what do they actually do?
Thursday | 18. October 2012
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Bötzow Brewery - what do they actually do?

As part of media.net we were treated to a tour of the Bötzow Brauerei in Prenzlauer Berg. This property is, just like the Malzfabrik, also a listed historic building. The current owner Prof. Hans Georg Näder wants to begin renovation work later this year. This is an exciting project that will be developed, rented out and filled with life in the coming years. Especially impressive are the vast vaulted cellars, which are rare to still be seen in this city.
Besides lofts for living and working, the owner also plans an underground market hall, a small cafe and much more. The interest in the preservation of the dilapidated monument and the passion for art and culture is what he shares with our visionary Frank Sippel.

If you also want to take a guided tour, please sign up at fuehrungen@boetzowberlin.de. Almost every Saturday and Sunday there are two tours.


More info at: www.boetzowberlin.de