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Saturday | 02. June 2012
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"Public Face"

As part of this years Malzwiese - the great summer festival at the Malzfabrik – you can look forward to a very special highlight: the inauguration of the installation "Public face". The art-on-architecture project of the District Arts and Cultural Promotion will be unveiled on the roof of the Malzfabrik silo at the Malzwiese on June 2nd in addition to numerous band attractions. The installation is an oversized smiley face made of steel and neon lights by the artist Julius von Bismarck, together with the experimental designer Benjamin Maus and filmmaker Richard Wilhelmer.

The "public face" scans various expressions of passers-by, being filmed by a camera in the district of Tempelhof. The recorded footage is then analyzed within a few seconds by software. At regular intervals, the emotions of the filmed persons are then transmitted to and thereby monitored by the Smiley, who then presents a corresponding facial expression. The artists thus provide a critical commentary in relation to surveillance technologies and social control mechanisms.


The Malzfabrik is looking forward to installing the "Public face", which can be seen until May 31st 2013, and of course by all Malzwiese 2012 visitors!

Further information on the upcoming Malzwiese here>>.