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Malzfabrik News Overview

Sunday | 30. December 2018


The ballet dancer Mihael Belilov was standing in front of the camera for an exclusive photo shooting under the title “Left to dance – abandoned, not forgotten” for KALTBLUT Magazine


Christian Baetz from PFM Photography photographed the gracile and muscular Mihael Belilov in various rooms of the Old Malthouse. The ballet dancer Mihael Belilov was born in 1995 in Bulgaria. Right now he works as freelance dancer and lives in Berlin, as does the Bavaria born photographer, who tries to capture the human body in an aesthetic way as a self-taught artist. His preference is to depict people that do not see themselves as photogenic and to prove the opposite to them. This photo series was created in natural light – completely natural, clear, naked and almost undressed in a shirt by Calida and underwear by JJ Malibu.


KLATBLUT magazine stands for a borderless symbiosis between art, photography, fashion, music and media. The subject of each issue serves as a platform for artists, to be able to present their personal interpretation and point of view. With this concept KALTBLUT hopes to free itself from all traditional conventions and frameworks and to enable an unbounded and limitless evolvement of creativity. The goal is to receive a thorough inside into each subject the editorial team decides on – completely without any advantages or disadvantages and without being a victim of social restrictions or condemnations.


You can see the photo series here>>.


Copyright: Christian Betz (PFM Photography)