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Being a Being
Thursday | 29. November 2018

Being a Being

On November 29th the artist opens here single exhibition “Being a Being” in the gallery and project room in Berlin Mitte Garten 114. She presents an installation of paper work, which are supplemented as two-dimensional works by a three-dimensional element –two threads in red and blue wool running wave-like along the wall of the exhibition room.


Those threads represent life – and energy lines, that stand for continuity or the course of a journey. The paper art focuses on hares, which follow a long tradition in the Iconography of Europe´s history. They symbolically stand for fertility, rebirth and vitality. The artist is especially inspired by the life-force and humanly independent strength of those animals.


The root cause of the installation was a prolonged stay of Anna Kott in England, where she was an artist in residence in 2016. In March 2019 she will officially introduce her new art book to be exhibitioned in Bruton Museum, Sommerset, England.


The Vernissage is on November 29th, 7 til 9 pm, everybody is cordially invited to Garten 114. The exhibition is open from November 29th to Dec, 6th 2018.


More information about Anna Kott here>>.