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Flown away
Wednesday | 21. November 2018
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Flown away

For one day the employees of Malzfabrik Event GmbH, District Berlin, Real Future GmbH, Real future AG and Malzfabrik went together on an outing to Gut Boltenhof in the Uckermark.


The team excursion was devoted to the introduction of all of the companies, which was done by presentations at the Gutshaus. The partner companies of Malzfabrik grew a lot in the last years. They now include further branches like construction, common public interest, develop and promote events.


Additionally, the farm owner Jan-Uwe gave a presentation about himself and how he started the farm, how we developed it and how he is running it now. The guests met quite a few animals on their walk: geese, pigs, donkeys, sheep, horses, cows. Gut Boltenhagen is a secret tip!


Everybody enjoyed their time with Yoga, nature walks, horse carriage riding, lots of fresh air, animal feeding, conversations around the fire bowl and returned to Malzfabrik with refreshed energy for everyday life.