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Malzfabrik News Overview

Sustainability-Workshop with GOODevents
Wednesday | 01. December 2010

Sustainability-Workshop with GOODevents

The Malzfabrik is thriving towards a sustainable way! In order to take the next steps towards sustainability, the Malzteam participated in a Sustainability-Workshop under the guidance of Dannie Quillitzsch and Käthe Schäfer from GOODevents.

Especially the construction side was analyzed and there are many new projects in the pipe, from solar panels, geothermal energy to a solar gas station. We have started to improve insulation on our 2,7 ha premises by using natural damping materials and triple glazing.

During the workshop, we highlighted different aspects of day-to-day office life and have started to change the small things like, fair-trade coffee, phosphate-free dishwasher taps and soap as well as drinking tap water instead of bottled water. On top, we only use recycled paper and will step by step enlarge the list of recycled office materials used in house. We also want to influence our permanent and short-term tenants by adding a sustainability guide to every contract.

All our workshop results and goals were captured in a sustainability agenda for 2011. We are looking forward to the challenge to become a sustainable location! Thank you GOODevents for your support and the interesting workshop.