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Cheers Malzfabrik!
Tuesday | 28. February 2017

Cheers Malzfabrik!

The Malzfabrik makes history! In fairy tales a new era begins after a slumber of one hundred years, in the calendar it is a century and in our words, it's a round birthday.


We celebrate the Malzfabrik proud 100th anniversary in 2017!


As the most successful beer business man in the 19th century, Jobst Schultheiss brought the brand to its glory. Demand for malt steadily increased at the beginning of the 20th century, so the Schultheiss AG decided to build the malt factory in Tempelhof-Schöneberg. Production buildings with a rail connection, a horse stable, Kellerei, Maschinenhalle and administration building were completed in the first phase by 1914. In 1917 a storage and wagon shed were added to the ensemble and made it Europe's largest malting plant.


We honor the history of the Malzfabrik in 2017. All through this year the past and present of the factory can be explored within the framework of Malzreise, Malzabend, the Malzwiese or on heritage days.


Cheers Malzfabrik. To the last 100 and the future 100 years!