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Splash Pass
Monday | 01. August 2016
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Splash Pass

Our natural swimming pond opened its flood-gates this summer with about 3.800 visitors on the Malzwiese 2016. Since then it is becoming increasingly popular in our neighborhood.


That makes us very happy and we would like it to stay that way – that our natural pond is open for bathing enthusiasts and stays clean. A few things are to be considered before the splashing commences, bath for the health of the pond and also for the safety of our guests.


The swimming rules are listed on our boards on the pond. Then there is also the matching splash-pass to be picked up at the porter at the main entrance.

The rules for the ultimate splashing fun:

1. Tenants and their employees are invited to swim.


2. Visitors please get a use permit (splash-pass) at the porterhouse. (Main entrance of the Malzfabrik, Mon-Fri: 7.00 am to 9.00 pm | Sat-Sun: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm)


3. Children should always be supervised. Parents are responsible for their offspring. Please pay attention to the non-swimmer area.


4. The entry into the pond is via the beach, the stairs or the designated springboard. Please note the attached plan!


5. Dogs must remain on a leash in the park.


6. Dogs are not allowed on the beach.


7. The visitor toilets are currently at the porterhouse.


8. Due to the lack of disinfection of the pond water increased risk to human health by pathogens cannot be excluded.


We wish you happy and peaceful splashings!