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A heart for insects
Friday | 18. March 2016

A heart for insects

The natural garden created by „Staude und Stein“ in our park welcomes new visitors in spring. The insect hotel will be ready intended to offer new space for many species.


Insect hotels are increasingly designed as parts of new parks primarily by conservation organizations and -gardeners. The natural habitat for insects has become increasingly scarce due to human intervention and expansion.


But bumblebees, wasps, wild bees and flies are more than useful since they provide an ecological balance besides controlling pests and pollinating.


All of that is of great importance for our natural garden! Natural materials such as wood, straw, peat, bamboo, brick, cardboard and clay are used by "Staude und Stein" to create the small hotel complex in a sunny elevated position with a direct air corridor from the park Südgelände.


More information about our natural gardeners at: www.staudeundstein.info