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The Green Path
Sunday | 31. October 2010
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The Green Path

„The photo shows me and my friend and business partner Nicolas. I could convince him to turn the heating down in times of absence at home and in our office, which saves energy and costs"
Frank Sippel, founder of the Malzfabrik and part of the Green Path Gallerie

The Green Path exhibiting photos and interviews from people who have made a change in their life to help fight climate change, and not only that, but they have also convinced another person to take action! We present both their actions and their faces. The photos are those of role models. The interviews tell their stories. This exhibition offers solutions.


It`s so easy to start your own Green Path:

1. Think of a simple action you can do to reduce your carbon emissions.
2. Do it!
3. Convince a friend to do the same.
4. Take a photo of you two and send it in (mail@the-green-path.org). Use the Green Stripes as shown in the gallery to symbolize the doubled power of your action. It´s two stripes for you and one stripe for your friend.
5. Do as much as you can! Convince as many as you can and make your Green Path longer and longer...