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Malzdrops on the road
Wednesday | 10. December 2014

Malzdrops on the road

A while ago we made the trip to the Teltow zur Biomalz-Fabrik and the sheltered workshop USE Unionhilfswerk. We needed active support this year by the local staff in packaging our Christmas parcels.


We received our so-called "Malzdrops" from the biomalt factory in kilo bags, which of course still had to be divided into individual packets. This happened within seven days and just in time for the beginning of December we nearly delivered 1000 "Sweet Greetings" to all our friends, partners and loved ones. We appreciate the great cooperation, which shall continue in all forthcoming projects.


As we do not want to keep those delicious Malzdrops from you, we are raffling away three bags of Malzdrops to nibble on, share and enjoy on our Facebook page.


Check it out here>> and win a bag of sweet greetings from the Malzfabrik!