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We train!
Monday | 14. April 2014

We train!

This has been no April Fool's joke, for two days Carsten and Marleen attended the basic seminar for instructors of the IHK Berlin. Two lecturers from company training and academia conveyed theory and practice of being an instructor.


This included a rough overview of training regulations, the rights and obligations of trainers and trainees, the structure of vocational professions and communication skills for trainee relations. For the successful completion of the seminar Carsten and Marleen received the IHK Certificate of Completion, with the instructor entitlement for their respective profession.


So in the near future the Malzfabrik will have a trainee in real estate business and a trainee in marketing communications. Another step for the Malzfabrik on the path of sustainability, to train and establish good employees for the long term.


We are excited about this opportunity to expand the Malzteam and especially about the applications.


Click here for more information about the trainee search>>.