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Malzfabrik News Overview

MALZWIESE | 7 June 2014 | noon
Friday | 30. May 2014

MALZWIESE | 7 June 2014 | noon

The preparation of the Malzwiese is back in full swing and this time it's called "The meadow calls".


We are already busy looking for new inspiration for decoration and program. We like to come up with nice stuff for you! The goody bags need some hot ideas as well in order to sweeten your day with delightful contents. A summer-fresh apricot will decorate our premises this year and will be found in every corner. You may look forward to great things!


Again, you will be able to browse through the market stalls that will transform our courtyard into a marketsquare. There are even more stands to enjoy this time! We have enlarged the market for this year to offer even more sustainable shopkeepers, online shop owners or DIY enterprises a place to showcase their products.


Small changes have also been made in the meadow set-up, the stage will leave its traditional place in the ditch for the future lakes/ponds and move one floor up to the lawn level. A larger dance floor awaits your moves to the sounds of great new artists, who we are not giving away yet.


One thing we can say: A Moustache-o-mat will be set up on the grounds, which, like gum vending machines, will trade magical items for coins, in this case glitter, mustaches and other fun stuff! All of that is connected to a photo session and a raffle, but more about that in the coming weeks!


We would still like to reserve a bit of secrecy for some time.