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Malzfabrik News Overview

Tuesday | 01. April 2014


We keep trying to find people who once worked or lived on the Malzfabrik and have their own history with the premises. So it happens that we meet people like Uwe Ristau in the courtyard and start talking.


Uwe Ristau was taking pictures of the facades with his analog camera one day, and we asked him about the nature of his interest. We learned that his father Bruno Ristau was working at the Malzfabrik in the 60s and now he wanted to revisit the location.


This way we obtained the special photo, which was shot in 1957 from a distance, and we were just amazed. The Malzfabrik has already witnessed a lot of history and we are curious to see how many pictures and stories will come along in the near future. It´s exciting!