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The Malzkabinett is looking for witnesses!
Wednesday | 23. April 2014

The Malzkabinett is looking for witnesses!

When it comes to the 100 year history of the Malzfabrik, we prefer the former maltsters of the Schultheiss-Mälzerei to tell those stories. In order for our future visitors of the Malzkabinetts to enjoy those as well, we're filming the interviews with the participants of the Lehrwerkstatt Malzkabinett.


We already won some maltsters for our project. But our curiosity is not yet satisfied. We want to gain more knowledge. Therefore we are looking for contemporary witnesses who can tell us about the daily working routine or the changes and developments in the Schultheiss-Mälzerei.


If you are a friend or relative of a former employee of the Malzfabrik, maybe there are some hidden photos from that time in your drawers. Get in touch with us. We are always grateful for historical photos.


Please contact us at

malzkabinett@gmx.de or call the Malzfabrik at 030 755 12 48 00