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SAVE THE DATE: Malzwiese 7th June!
Monday | 24. February 2014
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SAVE THE DATE: Malzwiese 7th June!

Horray! Once again the race is on with exciting plans for Malzwiese 2014. We´ve been looking forward to this for a long time and now the date is set. Make a note of 7 June 2014. Best mark your calendar with a thick colorful circle!


The 4th Summer Festival on the Malzfabrik comes with even greener grass, a lively market square, chilling out and listening to music, cool bands, aftershow party and countless more. But most of all with you, our visitors☺. SAVE THE DATE!


In order to offer you the most beautiful day of summer, we are still looking for the following from music, marketplace and program:



Berliner bands looking for a gig and a good time on a sunny day in front of a dance hungry audience and come from a singer-songwriter, pop, hip hop, reggae or indie background.



Shop owners, online store owners, DIY types and creative folks from the fields of fashion, accessories, jewelry, interiors, vintage and more, who want to present their passionately created products on the sustainable marketplace.



Artists, actors, companies with a focus on sustainability, children's entertainers, skate pros, humor professionals, ballon artists, confetti cannoniers and countless more who want to enrich the program with their contribution.



Friends, acquaintances and networks that have a special idea and want to support us with their help and commitment. We appreciate any suggestion!


If you are interested, please contact us at events@malzfabrik.de. It´s gonna be a blast!