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In love with the Maschinenhalle
Monday | 17. February 2014
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In love with the Maschinenhalle

For many of our guests and our team as well it is the absolute eye-catcher and favorite location. The Maschinenhalle leaves a distinct impression on everyone with its heavy load of industrial charm.


Starting with the tiled walls, to the historic transom windows and the steel roof structure all the way to the grand finale - the black and white tiled floor. Within a space of 425 square meters, those tiles are literally dancing. Definitely our favorite room in the Kachelhaus.


Some great events have taken place here. Whether wedding, conference, concert, party series, photo shoot, film shoot or dinner with seating. Almost anything is possible in the Maschinenhalle!


If you want to learn more about our space, further details can be found at the following link: http://www.malzfabrik.de/vermietung?lang=en&id=7#rental7