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Meeter BBQ - Grilling and chilling
Tuesday | 15. October 2013
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Meeter BBQ - Grilling and chilling

The Malzfabrik grows and evolves with each passing month. Therefore we decided spontaneously to offer a short break on the sundeck and drink an after work beer with our numerous tenants and enjoy delicacies from the grill.


With Pullet Pork burger, sausages, baked Drilling lettuce, cabbage with barberry, rosemary mayo and other goodies prepared by Foodpol, we ushered in the evening and took time to chat with our old and new tenants. With such a wide diversity of tenants, some of whom met that evening for the first time, new contacts will surely create new synergies. We're excited!


Even though the weather was hiding the sun, it was a cozy evening at "Wirtshaus zum Oberstübchen". And this time we can promise that every plate was emptied that night, so the next day the sun definitely came out!