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Beautiful views for our largest tenant!
Thursday | 18. April 2013
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Beautiful views for our largest tenant!

TÜV Rheinland can look forward to one of the best vantage points on the Malzfabrik premises!

In our attractive modern building complex Next, the building from the nineties next to the Malzfabrik, the TÜV Rheinland Akademie GmbH is setting up this month as a multiple tenant with an overall rented space of over 1000 m².


We warmly welcome the TÜV Rheinland Akademie GmbH, the campus GmbH and AMD TÜV Arbeitsmedizinische Dienste GmbH to the group of tenants who enjoy the view over our beautiful green lawn to the silhouette of the Malzfabrik. The entire third floor was completed in record time and after the successful transfer, we now observe the transport of the final, fully packed moving boxes. Luckily, the previous location in the Alboinstraße is only 5 minutes away. So moving is stressfree and even if you forgot something, you can just quickly run around the corner.

Now we go full throttle on the ground floor where the successfull Hamburg caterer Foodpol will be moving in soon and in parallel we finish the renovation of the fourth floor. The Photoacademy Urbschat, now temporarily located on the second floor, will set up their offices in the coming months – with the same inspiring view.


We are excited about the expansion and enrichment of our colorful tenant group, the many new faces and the beautiful views for all those involved in the Next!