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The revolving Malzfabrik symbol
Monday | 15. April 2013
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The revolving Malzfabrik symbol

After being expertly and lovingly restored with delicate craftsmanship, the historic kilns were finally returned to their original location on April 15th - just in time for their hundredth birthday.

If you are now picturing the Malzfabrik´s landmark to be complete again, we ask for your patience. For the cranes, operating at the impressive height of almost 40 meters, carefully took down the two remaining unrestored kilns on the same day.


The new color of the restored kilns takes a while to get used to, it is the number one topic of conversation in and around the Malzfabrik. However, we think that the new green, which was determined by analysis to be the original color, is actually very nice. And now they are once again fitting the tone of the window frames of the Alte Mälzerei.


We are already looking forward to the four knights being reunited soon in full splendor above the roofs of Schöneberg.