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Open Call: Participants needed for performance!
Thursday | 18. October 2012

Open Call: Participants needed for performance!

District Berlin is thrilled to present the performance installation, “The Naked Corner,” by Daniel Knorr as part of its upcoming exhibition, SAY IT LOUD. on words and actions. Originally produced for the Liverpool Biennale in 2010, "The Naked Corner" reflects upon the seductive strategies of advertising campaigns, consumerism as a condition of democratic societies, and the potential applications of language as a mode of free expression. Behind a window located next to the main exhibition space, Knorr will assemble a small group of performers who will display the popular media slogans of global conglomerates on their bodies.  “The Naked Corner” allows its performers to free this language from its canonized meanings and to offer new reinterpretations via unorthodox forms of co-option and re-appropraition.
District Berlin is llooking for performers of all ages and body types to participate in Knorr's performance. Laymen/laywomen are welcomed as well as professional performers.  All performers will wear their own undergarments, with a slogan painted directly on varying parts of their body.  Each performance lasts between 1 to 3 hours.  Participants will be paid 20 Euro total for each performance plus free drinks at District Berlin for the duration of the exhibition.
We are looking for performers during the following dates and times:
04.10.: beginning at 7 pm (performers arrive at 6 pm)

18.10.: beginning at 5 pm (performers arrive at 4 pm)
25.10.: beginning at 5 pm (performers arrive at 4 pm)
10.11.: beginning at 7 pm (performers arrive at 6 pm)
To participate, please contact Marleen Schröder at post@district-berlin.com.
For more information click here>>.