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Malzfabrik News Overview

The Malzteam is getting bigger!
Monday | 17. September 2012

The Malzteam is getting bigger!

This month, the 21-year-old graduate enters her FÖJ (voluntary ecological year) with the Malzfabrik.

It´s a new challenge for Shelly and the Malzteam, as the Malzfabrik cooperates for the first time with the Nature Conservation Foundation Berlin on the FÖJ. We are very excited about this project.
 Shelly has a strong interest in nature preservation and wants to get involved with new ideas for sustainability and their implementation, for this year and beyond that.
In recent years,

Shelly gained experience in landscaping and gardening and will apply those skills in the coming year, very much to our delight.


In line with our sustainable development strategy Shelly and the MalzTeam will create a planting plan with habitat character to promote biodiversity in collaboration with the Berlin Senate for Urban Development and implement that project on our new green area, the `Malzmeadow`.


The Malzfabrik also offers musicians the opportunity to present themselves in diverse musical events.
Shelly will contribute both in organizational as well as performance aspects, as she loves to sing  and accompanying herself on guitar.
Some people say it´s soul, others claim it´s pop, and still others think Shelly pursues the singer/songwriter style.

She says: "I like to combine everything together!"


What is certain, however: We all look forward to creating something new this upcoming year and gladly introduce Shelly as a new team member!


Welcome to the team, Shelly!

Click here>> to hear music of Shelly.